From the age of 17 I knew I wanted to work hard and create something special for myself. Landing a job in the in Freight and Logistics industry I built my knowledge and business acumen by getting to know every part of the job and industry intimately.  Starting on the warehouse floor I then progressed up through operations, sales, finance, HR, management and eventually ownership.

Fast forward to 2016…..with over 38 years in both small & corporate businesses that I have owned and also sold twice. Since the last acquisition in 2007 I have maintained the role of Vice President in a global operation with revenues of several hundred million, overseeing the South Pacific region successfully growing the profits by 265%.

My passion for business coaching has been developed through all of the experiences I have had throughout my business journey; beginning back with 10 staff in 2 cities.  In 2016 this same business now employs over 400 people in 23 cities throughout the globe.  I have held Directorships and Board positions in private and publicly listed businesses, held advisory positions of industry associations, government committees and numerous roles within sporting organizations. This has provided enormous opportunity to learn, develop and now share with others in business keen to grow and succeed.

A Bit More About Geoff:

I love to spend valuable time with family and friends, boating, golfing & travelling. With my wonderful wife of 32 years, 3 grown children (and partners) and an awesome grandson, family is a very special place for me.  Oh….. and playing music with my Kids is pretty cool too!