Accelerate Business Consultancy is run by two of Brisbane’s best business coaches, Cathy and Geoff Young.

Married for over 30 years, Geoff and Cathy are able to draw on their own wealth of experience as business owners, as well as the extensive and up-to-date resources of the Trusted Advisors Network, to support their clients in creating their ideal business.

These Brisbane business coaches know what it’s like to go through the hard times: like the time they lost their major client – the one who paid for half of every business cost – just after they’d sold up in Sydney and moved to Brisbane to establish an office there.

However, they also know how to turn the fortunes of a business around – growing that same business from 10 people in 2 states, to over 400 staff in 27 locations around the world. As they like to joke:

We discovered how to make the business so profitable we sold it twice – both times for a healthy 7 figures!!

Geoff and Cathy Young, Brisbane Business Coaches

(If you want to know how they managed to sell the same business twice, you will just have to ask them!)

From their base in Cleveland, these Brisbane business coaches help other business owners to accelerate their success: by passing on the knowledge, systems and processes they have developed over more than three decades.

Geoff Young

Landing a job in the freight and logistics industry at the age of 17, Geoff started out on the warehouse floor but with ambitions for more.

Over the next few years he built his knowledge and business acumen by getting to know every part of the job and industry intimately, progressing up through operations, sales, finance, HR and management, and eventually, ownership.

Geoff has held Directorships and Board positions in private and publicly listed businesses, held advisory positions on industry associations, government committees and numerous roles within sporting organizations. This has provided enormous opportunity to learn, develop and now share with others in business keen to grow and succeed.

Up until a couple of years ago he was the role of Vice President in a global operation with revenues of several hundred millions, overseeing the South Pacific region and successful growing the profits by 265%.

Cathy Young

Cathy launched and ran her own profitable online business in the ‘noughties’, in addition to the company which she and Geoff sold for a handsome profit (twice!).

Having trained as a high school teacher, Cathy is able to pass on her knowledge to other business owners in a way that is both practical and engaging.

Cathy understands that sometimes a different approach is required when working with women in business, as they often lack the confidence of their male peers.

Walking the Talk

Today, these Brisbane business coaches walk the talk.

In addition to running Accelerate Business Consultancy, they also enjoy a lifestyle which allows them to spend time with family and friends (including grandchildren), getting out on their boat, and playing music with their kids.