Recommend Redland City Business Network Group

I met Cathy Young from the Redland City Business Network and sat down and spoke about business and how the network could help us. Only being a new business, I was skeptical, my initial thought was ‘’another networking group’’ boy was I surprised. It’s not just a networking group it is a network of like-minded business owners.

Anyway, back to why I am writing this.

I would like to thank Cathy and Geoff for inviting me and can’t recommend this to all business owners enough. I went along and the wealth of knowledge that Geoff and Cathy bring to the table is an inspiration.

We worked on how to ‘’bank’’ 20K back to my business, now this is where my skeptical brain kicked in and said ‘’I don’t need this we have only just started’’ again I was wrong. I was able to identify a problem and workshopped with the guidance of the network and came out being able to bank 60K.

Without the help of The Redland City Business Network I would not have been able to identify the problem and then without Cathy, Geoff and the Network I wouldn’t have had the skillset to overcome my problem.

I sincerely hope that all business owners come along and experience what I have experienced, at the end of the day who can afford to throw away 60K.

Jon Hampton

Hampton Fine Jewellery and Design, Redland Bay


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